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Equity Angels is a social impact organization dedicated to fostering fair access to innovation and opportunity. We advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by:

Creating better access to capital

Building more diverse communities

Providing growth and sustainable strategies

Leading with equity and fostering fair access to opportunity

More access to funding for underrepresented startup founders can unlock massive investment and innovation opportunities. These founders are not just underrepresented—they are underestimated.

Better access to capital

Underrepresented founders from the top-funded start-ups typically receive less funding than their White male counterparts, particularly at exit.

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A more diverse community

Several studies have reinforced the link between diversity and company financial performance—and suggests how organizations can craft better inclusion strategies for a competitive edge. It starts with building a more diverse network.

Greater resources for business growth

We need more of everything, but data and resources are key. As Equity Angels, we provide continuing education through webinars, live events, mentorship, research, fellowship, and more.

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